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DKIM roundcube-1.3.3-1.remi.el6

Eric Broch
Hello list,

I'm using roundcube-1.3.3-1.remi.el6.

I've set up DKIM in my SMTP server.

The messages are being signed but are failing DKIM tests when I send in
plain text from roundcubemail interface, but when I send the messages in
html format from roundcubemail the messages pass DKIM tests. I'm testing
by sending to a gmail account and, by the way.

In Thuderbird and Squirrelmail the messages do not fail. If also tested
my DKIM with keys with the opendkim package 'opendkim-testkey' and they

The the email headers have slight differences between those sent by
Squirrelmail/Thunderbird and Roundcube in plain text.

Any help would be appreciated in resolving this...maybe a configuration

Eric Broch
White Horse Technical Consulting (WHTC)
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