Inbox empty and sending not working - but no errors

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Inbox empty and sending not working - but no errors

Eric Lanfer

yesterday i've installed a new mailserver instance on a debian8 machine
(postfix, dovecot, nginx (with php5-fpm, mysql). I've also setup a
roundcube 1.2, and here i got a problem, when i login into the mailbox
in roundcube, the inbox folder is empty (others too) and when i'm trying
to send an E-Mail from roundcube, the sending popup appears but no mail
is going out and it hungs at this position...
RC-Error Log is not showing any errors, roundcube smtp log is not going
to be created (yes debug modus is set in config) and the /var/mail.log
is only documenting the imap login:

Jul 20 09:21:29 vc1 dovecot: imap-login: Login:
user=<[hidden email]>, method=PLAIN, rip=,
lip=, mpid=30866, secured
Jul 20 09:21:29 vc1 dovecot: imap([hidden email]): Logged out
in=70 out=695

There are also no errors in nginx or php5-log....

In Thunderbird the inbox mails are shown and sending also works fine.
The RC installer can also send e-mails... (via localhost smtp and tls

Do you have any advice how to solve or troubleshoot this problem?

best regards
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