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Paul Tansom

I've just installed Roundcube after recommendation from my local LUG and
have, so far, been very impressed. I'm sending this email for a few

1. So I can get an email with the headers and configure my procmail
setup for the list :)

2. To say well done, keep it up, and 'hi'

3. To mention an odd bug, or possibly a bug, that I found on install

The problem I have with it is that I'm not at all sure whether I can
repeat it, but I have had the same thing on two installs so far.

The install went fine, as per the instructions on the site and all
worked fine. On the first install I then amended the install to allow
logging into two different servers (with nice text, not the server name
in the drop down), but for the second this wasn't done. I've only done
the bare minimum in the way of changes from the default config files,
and haven't explored any settings not necessary to configure to get it
working - database details, mail servers, etc.

After my first couple of logins to test the system out I started getting
a login failed error, and I could not get rid of this by changing the
login account, password or server - it failed in every case. Since it
was late I left things until the following day, but when I tried logging
in again it went without a hitch, and has done for all subsequent

That was the first install, the second one went pretty much the same
(bar not adding in a second server to log into). I left the server and
kept trying to login again on and off over the period of about and hour
give or take, and got an error every time (after the initial successful
logins). Again I had to leave the server for a few hours, and when I
returned all was fine, and has been since.

I'm not really expecting a fix for this, since I seem to be unable to
repeat it (although it may happen again on another new install), but
thought it worth noting.

My setup on both was Debian stable patched up to date, using Exim4 for
the MTA, Dovecot for the IMAP access, Apache2 for the web server and
mySQL for the backend database - oh, and PHP5.

Anyway, my next piece of work is to look into adjusting the page title
and adding to the Roundcube logo on the web pages - not to remove
reference to Roundcube, but to make it clear that it is my webmail
system. I'll dig through the docs and code and ask any questions if I
get stuck :)

Paul Tansom | Aptanet Ltd. | | 023 9238 0001
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Crawford House, Hambledon Road, Denmead, Waterlooville, Hants, PO7 6NU
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