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Plugin config question: google_addressbook

Sophie Loewenthal


This plugin worked with RC 1.2.0 and was thinking of trying with 1.4.n. 

Has anybody used this?

I have a few Qs:

 Must the dB table being created in the roundcube dB or can I use a different one?  I use sqlite and would prefer to have this inside a different file to the roundcube.db.   I have the calendar.db for the calendar (that I am not using right now I ought to add.) Otherwise I suppose this is the way:

$ sqlite roundcube.db <SQL/sqlite.initial.sql
$ cat SQL/sqlite.initial.sql
-- Table structure for table contacts_google

CREATE TABLE contacts_google (
contact_id integer NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
user_id integer NOT NULL,
changed datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
del tinyint NOT NULL default '0',
name varchar(128) NOT NULL default '',
email text NOT NULL default '',
firstname varchar(128) NOT NULL default '',
surname varchar(128) NOT NULL default '',
vcard text NOT NULL default '',
words text NOT NULL default ''
CREATE INDEX ix_contacts_google_user_id ON contacts_google(user_id, del);

Best wishes.

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