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Problem with mixed charsets

Vladimir Gorpenko
Unfortunately, I was inaccurate and used not quite correct ways of
saving the attached file.

That is, if I saved the attachment with RC menu, everything works
But if I tried to view the attachment or save it by browser command,
then the embedded html file is displayed and stored incorrectly.

The Hex codes of ciryllic leters are different when I saved them with RC
and browser commands.
The fact that the RC command "save" is output as D0 A1 D0 BE D1 81 ,
when saved by the browser (and, probably, when displayed) has the value
D0 A0 D0 8E D0 A0.

However, it seems that this newsletter has already died and I'm trying
in vain.
Best regards,
    Vladimir Gorpenko
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