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RC and a Domino server

Manuel Giorgini

Following up in my list of misadventures with a Domino IMAP server (for the
record, "* OK Domino IMAP4 Server Release 6.5.5FP3"), I noticed that when
preparing for a reply, RC wouldn't auto-fill the To and Subject fields from
the original message. Also the header line looked something like:

  On ,  wrote:

It's not the first time that I had to tweak RC to make it drive around what I
can only conclude to be weirdness in the Domino server, mostly effecting the
IMAP function get_headers(). In this particular case I managed to make
everything appear again by changing the following line in
program/steps/mail/compose.inc, from

  $MESSAGE['headers'] = &$IMAP->get_headers($msg_uid);


  $MESSAGE['headers'] = &$IMAP->get_headers($msg_uid , $_GET['_mbox'] , false );

I am using 0.1-rc1 at this point. To be very honest I am afraid to upgrade it
because I'd have to scout around and re-introduce my changes. I'd rather wait
for the owners of the Domino server to announce an upgrade on their part...

Cordialità / Best regards / Gxis la
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