RC with Davical and calendar plugins from git.faster-it.com - any success?

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RC with Davical and calendar plugins from git.faster-it.com - any success?

has anyone succeeded to setup RC with Davical and calendar plugins from these guys? https://git.faster-it.com/roundcube_calendar/about/
I have made two attempts, but calendar plugin throws error:
[01-Jun-2017 15:44:21 +0300]: <lv2ds8jr> DAV Error: Not authenticated in /usr/share/roundcubemail/plugins/calendar/lib/SabreDAV/lib/OldSabre/DAV/Client.php on line 425 (GET /?_task=calendar)

I have debugged that the plugin passes base64 encoded string '%p' instead of real user password to authentication backend. But why and how to fix that - I have no idea really. There is SabreDAV and OldSabre packed inside plugin which makes things even more interesting :/

Once, on my first attempt, I had managed to setup plugin so that it was able to write to CalDAV database, but not able to read (verified from other client). Now I cannot even repeat that with second installation. I get above error message on both GET and POST operations. I suspect it was a configuration thing so maybe that is all that's required to change. But I am not sure.

It should be noted that their repository is not without problems, the fork claims a working configuration, but some functions (insert_default_calendar(), _expand_user()) were missing, I had to add them from original sources here: https://gitlab.awesome-it.de/kolab/roundcube-plugins/tree/feature_caldav

Any insight appreciated. Thanks!
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