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Thomas Bruederli-2
Hello Martin

(cc-ing dev mailing list as this answer might be of a common interest)

Roundcube skins define a number of named containers which can be used to add custom elements from plugins. Seek the skin templates for <roundcube:container ..> tags to locate them.

For the compose screen, there's the 'composeoptions' container which is probably the one you want. The plugin API wiki describes how to add elements to such containers:

Using JavaScript, this could look like this:

  var menu = $('<select>')...
  rcmail.add_element(menu, 'composeoptions');

You can also add elements to containers with PHP when the view template is rendered:

  $menu = new html_select(array('name' => 'xxx'));
  $menu->add(array(/* add options here */));
    html::span('composeoption', html::label(null, $menu->show() . $this->gettext('menulabel'))),

For further questions about Roundcube plugin development, please subscribe and post to the dev mailing list. This is our dedicated support channel for development stuff.

Kind regards,

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 1:16 PM, Martin Landhage <[hidden email]> wrote:
This is what I'm trying to archive.


2017-05-17 13:13 GMT+02:00 Martin Landhage <[hidden email]>:
Hello !

I have been struggling some time now to make a menu in compose area, but I have not been very successful.

First I did a version that adds the menu in settings area that worked quite well. But the customer was not happy with that.

Then I have been struggling with diffrent solutions and no one really worked for me.

The best solution I have seen is for Enigma plugin. But it's only working in Classic skin and ONLY for Enigma.

I have to use Roundcube 1.1.4.

Any good ideas ?

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Martin Landhage

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