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Rouncdube username problems


Using Centos 7/64 and Webmin/Virtualmin, I have setup Roundcube for one
domain (

All is working fine but I have a couple of problems with usernames.

First, I wrote an interface to automatically create users at the domain,
in Virtualmin (using the Virtualmin API). There, creating a user "test"
will make it recorded as "test.mydomain".

To log into RoundCube I must enter test.mydomain as username.

Then, the RC record of this user is:

username: test.mydomain
email: [hidden email]

I would like this to be:

username: test
email: [hidden email]

And I would like users to login as "test", simply. Or eventually (but it
is worse as "[hidden email]".

I tried changing the details:

The defaul was:
$config['default_host'] = 'localhost';

I setup
$config['default_host'] = '';

and tried a few things with $config['mail_domain'] and
$config['username_domain'] (options %n , %s, etc

The result is never what I need...

Any suggestion would be welcome,

Thank you!

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