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Roundcubemail php questions

Robert Moskowitz
This is with ver 1.1.8 provided by Centos7.

First with the installer page building the file. There is
a message that:

"Make sure that there are no characters outside the <?php ?> brackets
when saving the file."

Yet, there is no '?>' ending tag.

At first I thought that was an error, so I was adding the ?> myself.  
Then I noticed other files not having it, like the password plugin.   I
googled this behavior and found it is RECOMMENDED not to include the ?>
ending tag.

So perhaps this message should be changed to tell the user NOT to add an
ending ?> tag and cause themselves problems?

Second question.

Can I just add an option to the end of the file.  Again with the
password plugin, there is:

$config['password_db_dsn'] = '';

Do I have to edit this, or can I simply add to the end of the file:

$config['password_db_dsn'] = 'mysql://postfix:password@localhost/postfix';

Since the file is processed sequentially, the last $config of a variable
would be the one in force?

The typical guide says to edit the file with what you need.  Seems
easier to just append the proper setting.

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