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Ticket #1484508 and getallheaders()

Hello everyone, we want to use this great webmail for our mail service
and as appreciation of your work  I would like to share all our
knowledge about roundcube. We are planning to start our work at the end
of august, so it will include whole source code security audit, some new
feature development and of course bug fixing. I already had a small to
talk with Brett and he agreed that our cooperation will bring a lot of
benefits to roundcube project.

For now I would like to inform you about a bug that I've discovered
during installation of latest svn trunk. I'm getting a lot of PHP fatal
errors because getallheaders() function do not exist in my compilation
of PHP because I'm using it as fastcgi binary and PHP documentation says
    This function is only supported when PHP is installed as an Apache

Not sure if my second problem related to the first one, but I'm unable
to see my list of mails if I've changed the current folder, in other
words I can see my mails only for the first time the window is drawn if
I'll change my location all mails will dissapear until I would press
refresh button or go to the settings page and back.

Regards, Andris

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