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[gigo.com notification] gigo.com maintenance scheduled Aug 25

Jason Fesler
If you get this, your mail is either dependent on gigo.com, or
you're on a mailing list hosted by gigo.com (under a variety of different

The gigo.com maintenance is now scheduled, for Aug 25, starting 5p

For a period of up to about 8 hours, expect that mail will be unreachable
(but not lost), and mailing list posts on CRPL, Woodworkers, RoundCube,
etc will be delayed.  Mail for SCA domains routed through here will be
similiarly delayed that evening.

Once the web server is back up, I'll maintain status at http://gigo.com .
Just becaues the web server is up, doesn't mean *everything* is. Please
have some patience.  I intend to block mail until I've done functional
testing post-maintenance to make sure things are smooth, before allowing
the outside world to talk to the mail server again.

My priority order is approximately:

   shut down servers on old box, do final sync
   physically swap computers, bring up new computer


   Again, status: http://gigo.com/  .  Those of you with my cell # can use
it if needed.  I'll also be on Y! Instant Messenger.  Local users: you
were just sent private mail with my phone number.

   SCA folks with addresses routed via gigo.com: pleaes route your issues
via Michael O'Connor (David Jones); or .. look up contact info for Danae
Fitzroberts (Danae Fesler), my wife.

  Jason Fesler, email/jabber <[hidden email]> resume: http://jfesler.com
  "Give a man fire, and he'll be warm for a day;
  set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."
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