possible bug in plugins with roundcube 1.2.5

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possible bug in plugins with roundcube 1.2.5

Benny Pedersen-4
archive 2.4 GPLv3+
filesystem_attachments 1.0 GPLv3+
jqueryui 1.10.4 GPLv3+
managesieve 8.6 GPLv3+
markasjunk 1.2 GPLv3+
password 4.1 GPLv3+
show_additional_headers 2.0 GPLv3+
vcard_attachments 3.2 GPLv3+

is what i have enabled, bug:

when achived prefs is set up sender addresse sorting it can create any
folder without any restriction what chars is allowed or not, but here is
the problem, roundcube cant move this mails to other folders afterwards

iam unsure if its really a dovecot bug or roundcube plugin archive with
sender based sorting to folder, in other words will plugin archive
respect dovecot allowed chars for folder nameing ?

can others confirm it works or fail ?
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